Jen’s Latest Favorite Amazon Purchases

Bernie Sanders Sweatshirt – this is almost as good as the meme suggesting Bernie is in the waiting room at Loehmanns!

The Blinkoutdoor security camera’s (The Blink records movement so my favorites videos are of animals in my yard in the night! We have spotted a mouse, a bird, rabbits, a fox, deer and someone else’s dog!)

White Mountain Puzzles are my newest addiction! I love the1000 piece Hostess, Cereal, Gum, Fads and 1980s puzzles!

Starmark Forest Friends Treat Dispenser Dog Toy is THE BEST toy to keep your pup busy! Bogey asks to play with his tiger every morning after breakfast. Watch him in the video below!

Backgammon Set is a must for one on one family competition! Our favorite game!

Surviving Social Distancing One Book At a Time Sweatshirt 

Cute sweatshirt for those cozy Saturday nights (and every night) at home!

Curb Your Enthusiam's Latte Larry Mug

Latte Larry Mug For Curb Your Enthusiasm Fans   Love his spite shop!


Great to have extra masks on hand for unexpected guests – leave some in the car, give the kids a few to have with them.

3 ply disposable face masks (50 in package)

Hershey''s Smores Kit

A necessary snack for your kids and their friends.  It is possible to take turns at the fire pit, keep appropriate social distance and enjoy smores!

Hershey Smores Kit


Rummikub is not just for your grandma!  Hours of fun with the entire family!  Sometimes the only chance to see the teenagers!

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