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About Book Nation by Jen
If you read every day like me, or just want to pick up a good book when you have some vacation time, Book Nation by Jen is the place for you.  I enjoy reading books by debut authors, hot, new women’s fiction novels right off the press, eyeopening memoirs, psychological thrillers, historical fiction where I am brought to another time and place, and non fiction where I can learn a thing or two.  I only read and review books I have enjoyed, and many reviews include Author Q & A.  I enjoy interviewing authors to learn behind the scenes info about each of them, their writing process and their books, and sharing it with you.

A lot of people ask me how I choose what to read.  The cover and the summary must draw me in right away and then I do a bit of research.  I look to see who published the book, go to the author’s website to learn more, and check it out on Goodreads.  I also follow celebrity book promoters like Oprah, Reese, Jenna and SJP, news outlets like NY Times and NPR, various reader and author Facebook Groups, New in Books and publisher websites, along with attending publisher events to learn about upcoming books.   I always like to hear what you are reading and am happy to recommend to you based on your interests.

Several years ago I started a book club that has brought authors and readers together.  I interview authors about their books with opportunity for participant questions and comments.  We have welcomed many great authors including Laurie Frankel, Bianca Marais, Asha Lemmie, Fiona Davis and Victoria Christopher Murray. Recently open to the public and accessible on Zoom, Book Nation Book Club is welcoming Thrity Umrigar, author of Honor this March.

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Jen lives with her husband, two sons and her beloved black lab in CT.  She is a marketing consultant, creator and writer for Book Nation by Jen, review contributor at and moderator for Book Nation Book Club.  Jen finds peace and happiness in her dance classes, at the beach with a book, and too often in a big bowl of pasta.  Follow her on Facebook Book Nation by Jen, Instagram @booknationbyjen and Twitter @jenblankfein.


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