Breaking and Holding by Judy Fogarty


When Patricia finds a telltale sign of another woman having been in the bed she shares with her husband Jack, a man more than two decades her senior, she decides to take some time alone and spend the summer on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Many years prior, Jack rescued Patricia from a lonely childhood and although he provided her opportunity for a life with security he was controlling. As she emotionally struggles to break away, her best friend, Lynn offers advise and support and when Patricia meets a young, handsome tennis player, Terry, a few years younger than her, she is vulnerable. An undeniable attraction is obvious and a beautiful, forbidden romance blooms.

Patricia and Terry share intimate secrets but obstacles arise in their relationship, which has developed into more than just a summer fling. Jack’s business is in trouble and he demands Patricia return home. Terry’s sponsor opportunities as a tennis pro are slim and his only possibility for financial support is Nona, a manipulative, lonely woman who demands he spend time with her and away from distractions.

Past tragedies and missteps lead to secrets and more hurt but these complex characters slowly reveal their truths and mend fences along the way.
The relationships of family and friends, the absence of family and friends, age and stage and love and money and needs and secrets with the backdrop of Kiawah Island and the tennis circuit make Breaking and Holding engaging, thought provoking and a juicy, quick read.


About the Author as stated in Goodreads:

Judy Fogarty lives, writes, reads, and runs on the historic Isle of Hope in her native Savannah, Georgia. She holds a Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance and Literature from the University of Illinois and has served as marketing director for private golf and tennis communities in the Savannah/Hilton Head area. She is a devoted—even rowdy—tennis fan, as anyone who has had the pleasure—or displeasure—of watching a professional match with her will attest. Breaking and Holding is Judy’s debut novel. She is happily at work on her second, enjoying as always the invaluable support of her husband, Mike, and children, Colin and Sara Jane.


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