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Kick off your summer reading list with The Husband Hour by Jamie Brenner, author of The Forever Summer, one of last year’s favorite beach reads. 

There is nothing like young love that has so much passion and hope for the future. In this powerful story of love and loss that takes place at the Jersey Shore, teenage Lauren commits her heart to high school ice hockey star Rory, and with stars in her eyes she expects a long life of togetherness and fun. The college years separate them by distance and they struggle to keep their connection.  Against all odds the two get married but Lauren’s plans to be together don’t work out the way she expected.  Rory heads to the NHL, is a star player, and then suffers a concussion.  His hockey career ends abruptly and he joins the military while Lauren is left behind trying to justify and come up with explanations for his questionable decisions and behaviors leading to his departure.   She is angry and their relationship is on the rocks…and then he dies in combat.

Lauren, now a young widow, has been living at the shore in her grandparents’ beach house for the past four years paralyzed by her guilt and confusion regarding the downfall of her marriage and the death of her husband, avoiding the challenges of moving on with her life, when her parents and older sister and young son decide to spend the summer with her to work out their respective life problems.  Not accustomed to company, Lauren is unhappy with the intrusion and to make matters worse, a film maker has tracked her down to interview her for his movie about the life of her hockey and military hero husband.  Living a reclusive life, Lauren has avoided speaking publicly about her high profile husband, but as the persistent filmmaker, Matt, begins to pursue Lauren and her sister for information, buried secrets are revealed, one so drastic it could change everything. 

With suspense and secrets, The Husband Hour is about love and loss, deceit, healing and forgiveness.  Last summer I read and enjoyed The Forever Summer, and now Jamie Brenner treats us to another heartfelt story centered around family and the bonds that hold them together.  Put a copy in your beach bag!

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About the Author:

Jamie Brenner grew up in suburban Philadelphia on a steady diet of Norma Klein, Judy Blume, and Judith Krantz novels (more on that here).  After studying literature at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., Jamie moved to New York City where she started her career at HarperCollins Publishers, then later Barnes& and before returning to books and becoming an author.  Her novel The Forever Summer is a national bestseller. Her new book, The Husband Hour, publishes April 24 with Little, Brown.  Jamie  lives in New York City with her husband and teenage daughters.  For contact info, tour dates, and book clubs please visit


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