Make Time For TV! Compelling Books Become Binge-Worthy Shows!


With more time spent at home during the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are trying to be productive. I have organized my freezer and cleaned my closets, but sometimes it feels great to indulge in some entertainment for a much needed escape.  I always recommend reading because there is nothing better than getting lost in a book, but for a change of pace, watching tv is a relaxing way to spend hours on end!  Here are a few binge-worthy shows to watch based on compelling books.




Normal People on Hulu

Normal People by Sally Rooney is a coming of age story about two kids who meet in high school and fall in love.  Their relationship is nothing short of complicated and their communication and timing is off every step of the way.  The on screen production is even better than the book, with less talking and more chemistry.  Emotional angst and hot steamy sex scenes will have you binging the 20 episodes.

Book Nation by Jen Review of Normal People




Becoming on Netflix

Becoming by Michelle Obama is a one of a kind memoir from the former first lady.  She openly reveals where she came from, who she is, her relationship with her husband and what she experienced in The White House.  On screen, Michelle is followed during her book tour and she shares snippets from her story as well as inspirational moments with young people and fans.  Such an admirable, strong, smart and thoughtful woman; we were lucky to have her represent our country.

Book Nation by Jen Review of Becoming




Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng was an engaging read about two very different families that focused on the complex relationships between mothers and daughters.  The superb cast brings the conflicted characters to life even more with seemingly perfect mom, Reese Witherspoon and artistic, authentic mom, Kerry Washington.

Book Nation by Jen Review of Little Fires Everywhere




Defending Jacob on Apple TV

I read Defending Jacob by William Landay in 2013 and loved it.  It is the story of an assistant district attorney’s 14 year old son who is charged with the murder of a classmate.  This mystery was suspenseful on paper and I am looking forward to watching it on the screen with Chris Evans.




I Know This Much Is True on HBO

I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb was published in 1998 and I gave it 5 stars back then.  It is about identical twins, one of them schizophrenic, in the 1990s.  The brothers suffered from poor parenting, abuse, and mental illness and Wally Lamb writes powerful dialog between one of the brothers and the therapist.  I am looking forward to watching the family saga on HBO starring Mark Ruffalo and beginning Sunday May 10th.



  1. We’ve just started watching Normal People and it is good. We also have Little Fires Everywhere to watch as well. The Ruffalo series looks great too!

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