Yearning to Achieve Expectations in Everyday Life is Consuming in Want by Lynn Steger Strong

My Review:

Want by Lynn Steger Strong tells the story of Elizabeth through musings, stream of consciousness, and her thoughts about her current life’s struggles and the past. Born into a wealthy family in the 1980s, Elizabeth made choices that brought her to a place of despair. She loves her husband and her kids, but she doesn’t have the job she really wants, she and her husband have no money and are filing for bankruptcy, and her relationship with her parents is not ideal. In addition, she misses the relationship she had with her best childhood friend and is not able to rekindle it in the way she wants. If she only had more money, a better job, stronger relationships…

Lynn Steger Strong gives a voice to the Want in all of us and her novel gives perspective on what happens if you allow yourself to fall into a rut. Turning an eye on the universal desire to succeed, this is only one example of how things can go. Maybe a cautionary tale, maybe a mirror on society, Want gives us something to think about when we take the time to assess our lives, our goals, our relationships and our successes and failures. A quick read for the introspective.

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About the Author

Lynn Steger Strong was born and raised in South Florida and received an MFA in Fiction from Columbia University where she also taught Freshman Writing. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two small girls.


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