Please Don’t Hate Me For What I Am About To Share! This May Be a Bridge to Insanity!


The Universal Word Game Craze called Wordle has taken over!

I always have enjoyed crosswords, word searches and rebus puzzles. Close to ten years ago a friend introduced me to an app called Word Cookies a game where you are given a bunch of letters and you have to make as many words as possible with them. I play on my phone for at least a few minutes everyday, have acquired over 30,000 “points” and have reached the “brilliant” level…meaningless fun that is a bit of an addiction I indulge in to clear my head.

If you are at all into word puzzles or on social media, you know about the new game that has taken puzzlers by storm called Wordle. With this addictive guessing game, you are given 6 chances to fill in the letters of a random 5 letter word. Correct letters show up either green, meaning the right letter is in the right location, or yellow, the right letter is in the wrong location. Everyone who plays gets access to the same puzzle and only one is available to play each day. This can be frustrating for the chronic puzzler and word play lover, so if that is you, and you are looking for more, you will surely appreciate what I will now share below. Hopefully this isn’t a bridge to insanity!

A gift for the logophile, enigmatologist and cruciverbalist

I enjoy the wordplay and the challenge, and I just may get up at dawn to play before I start my day! Here are some other guessing games for puzzle addicts you may want to try out!

Wordle – the game everyone is playing and posting their results on Facebook. Remember Lingo on Game Show Network hosted by Chuck Woolery in the early 2000s? This is played just like that. The New York Times purchased Wordle earlier this year for a little over $1,000,000 from software engineer, Josh Wardle.

Absurdle – This one is a little more difficult because the answers most likely use the same letter more than once. You have more chances to guess and can play as many times in a row as you like.

Byrdle – Just like Wordle but the answers are related to choral music.

Dordle – Like Wordle but you have to guess two words at a time.

Quordle – Like Wordle but you have four words to guess in nine guesses.

Octordle – Like Wordle but you have to guess eight words in 13 guesses.

Sedecordle – 16 words, 21 guesses.

Heardle – This one is like Name That Tune. Listen to a split second of the song and if you can, guess the title and or artist. If you want, listen to the next bit of music and then guess. I hardly ever know artists or song titles so this one is tough for me.

And for all of you creative folks, you can also make up your own Wordle. Here I created one and I call it Foodle! The word is related to food and eating! Feel free to try and solve it!

I don’t recommend spending your entire day playing these games, but it can be a fun break and according to General George S. Patton, “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”

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