Family Traditions and Secrets of a Hidden Past in Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson

Black Cake

My Review:

I loved Black Cake, this story of family, parenting, young love, hidden secrets and sibling relationships coming full circle. Byron and Benny, estranged brother and sister are brought together when their mother passes away. They have a lot to work through between the two of them and in addition they have a lot to learn about where they came from. Their inheritance includes a Black Cake, made from a traditional recipe from their Caribbean heritage, and a voice recording from their mother that reveals her secrets of the past, including who she really was, her relationships and even an unknown relative.

Buried secrets of the past that take us from an island in the Caribbean to London to California, are revealed as Byron and Benny listen to their mother recount her life and loves. Some big decisions cannot be taken back, having impact for a lifetime, and as the siblings process their mother’s past we can wonder if they will fulfill their mother’s wishes and share the Black Cake when the time is right. From trauma to racial identity to forgiveness… I highly recommend Black Cake.

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Charmaine Wilkerson

About the Author

Charmaine Wilkerson is an American writer who has lived in the Caribbean and is based in Italy. She is a former journalist and recovered marathon runner whose award-winning short stories can be found in various UK and US anthologies and magazines. Black Cake is her first novel.

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