Breaking Up, Finding Love and Embracing Tradition in Sari, Not Sari by Sonya Singh

Sari, Not Sari

My Review:

Love can happen on the journey to self discovery and in Sari, Not Sari , that is what happened to business woman, Manny Dogra. As the CEO, focused on her one of a kind and wildly successful business of helping people write break-up emails, Manny’s face hits the cover of a magazine looking less ethnic and much whiter than in real life. Raised by her parents to be American, she is curious about her undiscovered South Asian roots and is disturbed by how she was portrayed. At work, faced with a difficult client with an unusual request, Manny agrees to help him, and in return he will introduce her to his big Indian family and teach her all he can by taking her to his brother’s traditional Indian wedding. Introduced to the elegant clothing, flavorful foods and all the chatty aunties while being encouraged to embrace tradition, Manny begins to find herself and see others in a different light.

Sari, Not Sari is a fun, romantic comedy that provides a window in to the head and heart of a young woman who has lost sight of where she came from. She craves connection to her family and her culture and ultimately realizes the unspoken camaraderie and understanding of others when surrounding herself with people from the same background and embracing tradition. An enjoyable read from debut author, Sonya Singh… I love when love works out! Available now!

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Sonya Singh

About the Author:

Sonya Singh is an author, writer, and storyteller who currently lives in Toronto, Canada. She’s a former entertainment reporter turned PR expert.

Her debut novel Sari, Not Sari, slated for a spring release in ’22, is already generating serious advanced buzz (including being selected for the prestigious Debutante Ball). She also signed an international two book deal.

Sonya wrote Sari, Not Sari, to laugh her way through some of her more disastrous breakups.

In her spare time, you can find Sonya sipping on a matcha latte, enjoying a homemade pizza, or hanging out with her adorable dog, Moses Alexander.

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