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Woodrow on the Bench

Why I Am Excited to Recommend This Book!

Any book with a dog as the main character has great appeal; dogs are people too, right? But Jenna Blum’s memoir, sharing her deep relationship with her beloved black lab struck a chord with me. Woodrow on the Bench – Life Lessons from a Wise Old Dog reminds us all how we can get the most out of life, cherish each day and be kind to others. Read this beautiful book with tissues by your side and your loyal companion by your feet. If you are like me, an extra hug and some bacon will be in your future!

Woodrow and my dog, Bogey, still with us at 13 years old, look surprisingly similar. I followed handsome Woodrow through Jenna’s social media over the years, loving his regal poses in front of strikingly beautiful Boston foliage. I felt the joy he emanated from afar and ultimately experienced the sorrow in Jenna’s loss, along with so many other Woodrow fans. This book, although heartbreaking because our furry friends can’t live forever, is inspiring and beautiful… a story of a life well lived, full of love, given and received. If you are an animal lover, this one is for you!

Woodrow and Jenna

Jenna and Woodrow
Jenna Blum and Woodrow
jenna and jen 2018
Jenna Blum at book signing for The Lost Family with me in 2018

Bogey and Me

Jennifer and Bogey
Bogey with Me (currently 13 1/2yrs old)

Publisher’s Summary:

Woodrow on the Bench: Life Lessons from a Wise Old Dog by Jenna Blum

Since she adopted him as a puppy 15 years earlier, Jenna Blum and Woodrow have been inseparable. Known to many as “the George Clooney of dogs” for his good looks and charm, Woodrow and his “Mommoo” are fixtures in their Boston neighborhood. 

But Woodrow is aging. As he begins to fail, the true nature of his extraordinary relationship with Jenna is revealed. Jenna may be the dog parent, but it is Woodrow, with his amazing personality and trusting nature, who has much to teach her. A divorcée who has experienced her share of sadness and loss, Jenna discovers, over the months she spends caring for her ailing dog, what it is to be present in the moment, and what it truly means to love.

Aided by an amazing group of friends and buoyed by the support of strangers, Jenna and Woodrow navigate these precious final days together with kindness, humor, and grace. Their unforgettable love story will reaffirm your belief in kindness, break your heart, and leave your spirit soaring.

Jenna Blum

About the Author:

JENNA BLUM is the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of novels THOSE WHO SAVE US (Harcourt, 2004), THE STORMCHASERS (Dutton, 2010), and THE LOST FAMILY (Harper Collins, 2018); the novella “The Lucky One” in GRAND CENTRAL (Berkeley/Penguin, July 2014); the audio course “The Author At Work: The Art of Writing Fiction” (Recorded Books, 2015). 
Her first memoir, WOODROW ON THE BENCH, about her last seven months with her beloved 15-year-old black Lab and what they taught her, was published by Harper Collins on 10/26/21.

Jenna is the CoFounder/ CEO of literary social media marketing company A Mighty Blaze, and she’s one of Oprah’s Top 30 Women Writers. Jenna is based in Boston, where she taught at Boston University and now teaches at Grub Street Writers, where she has run fiction workshops for over 20 years. Jenna also travels nationally and internationally to speak about her books and writing. Please visit Jenna on her website,, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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