Time to Make Some Plans…NYC, Westport, CT and Zoom!


Sharing Stories and Those Who Tell Them!

A few great things are going on this fall and I thought I would invite you to join me! They all revolve around stories and those who tell them; from history to fiction to real life – I hope you will add them to your calendar if you can!


Young Jews Fought Back Against the Nazis

A new, award winning documentary called FOUR WINTERS is screening at the Film Forum in New York City September 16th – 29th and I highly recommend you check it out! It is a riveting film with footage, photos and personal stories of Jewish Partisans who lived in the woods of Eastern Europe and fought against the Nazis during World War ll. Seeing the heroic survivors tell their stories in their own words is moving and empowering. Their instincts to fight, live and protect each other exhibit courage and humor; this inspiring film exhibits an incredible piece of history and is not to be missed. In high demand at festivals, theaters and independent organizations, FOUR WINTERS won “Best Documentary” at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival and was awarded the Steven Spielberg Jewish Story Partners Grant. If you are unable to see FOUR WINTERS in New York City this September, follow @fourwintersww2 on Instagram to keep up on all screenings… Aspen and Los Angeles will be hosting in October!

The powerful film was written, produced and directed by Julia Mintz, a friend I grew up with in Weston, CT in the 70s and 80s. Today we are working together to execute the film screenings for the general public and collaborating with organizations interested in World War ll history, Holocaust education and film making. When Julia interviewed all the survivors for the film, they told her their stories were now in her hands and they were passing the torch to her. With the completion of FOUR WINTERS it is finally time to share them with the world. To honor them and their bravery, we are committed to doing just that.

Check out the Movie Trailer and purchase tickets for FOUR WINTERS at the Film Forum in downtown Manhattan if you are in or near the Big Apple!

Lessons in Chemistry

A Woman Fights to Pursue Her Dreams

On Saturday, October 1st at 4pm EST I will be in conversation with Bonnie Garmus on Zoom discussing her new book, Lessons in Chemistry. In her fictional story, the main character, the brilliant and beautiful Elizabeth Zott, fights for her right to succeed and pursue her own dreams, despite pushback because she is a woman. There is so much to discuss and everyone is loving this new novel! Book Nation Book Club is partnering with Westport, CT Book Chat and Swap to welcome Bonnie Garmus all the way from London! All are invited – information on how to join is HERE.

Book Nation Brunch

Zibby Owens Shares Her Journey From Loss to Love and Much More…

People’s lives are not always what they seem and Zibby has been faced with obstacles and loss but has soothed her soul with literature right from the beginning. Find out what she has read over the years, how she has learned to live her best life and how she impacts the literary world.


On Sunday, October 2nd at 11am I will be at the Westport Library in Westport, CT and in conversation, LIVE with Zibby Owens to discuss her memoir, Bookends, her podcast called Mom’s Don’t Have Time to Read Books, her publishing company, Zibby Books and more! Please join us for a bite to eat and come with questions! Here is how to reserve your tickets for Book Nation Brunch at the Westport Library – hope to see you there!

Book Nation by Jen

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