Love, Loss and Luck in Left on Tenth by Delia Ephron

Left on Tenth

Just Call Me Waterworks….

A gifted writer can bring our the tears in me and Delia Ephron really hits the spot! Left on Tenth: A Second Chance at Life is a celebration of love, Delia’s family, and closest friends, and her struggles with loss, grief and cancer. As the sister of the late Nora Ephron of When Harry Meet Sally and Sleepless in Seattle fame, Delia has exceptional credits to her name as well. She is a bestselling author, screenwriter and playwright, (You’ve Got Mail, Siracusa) and her memoir begins with her husband’s illness and a letter she wrote to Verizon that appeared in the New York Times.

With a special brand of wit and a straightforward play by play, Delia shares details of her husband’s death, her new relationship, her unexpected battle with cancer and the love and support she received from friends, neighbors, family and doctors. I loved the actual emails and texts she shared, and how her humor and outlook of life, her personal way of facing illness and the sincerity in her relationships is brought to life – her beautiful life in Left on Tenth. It is about beshert (Yiddish for “destiny”), confluence and luck. Delia’s engaging memoir is heartfelt, emotional and inspiring and I highly recommend it!

Delia Ephron
Delia with her second husband, Peter and dog Charlotte

About Delia Ephron

Bestselling author and screenwriter Delia Ephron’s most recent novel is Siracusa. Her other novels include The Lion Is In and Hanging Up. She has written humor books for all ages, including How to Eat Like a Child and Do I Have to Say Hello?; and nonfiction, most recently Sister Mother Husband Dog (etc.). Her films include You’ve Got Mail, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Hanging Up (based on her novel), and Michael. Her journalism has appeared in The New York Times, O: The Oprah Magazine, Vogue, and Vanity Fair. Her hit play Love, Loss, and What I Wore (co-written with Nora Ephron) ran for more than two years off-Broadway and has been performed all over the world. She lives in New York City.

In Her Own Words…

My story, sort of …

I grew up in Beverly Hills, California. Graduated from Barnard, and while there fell in love with New York City.  I had parents who were screenwriters and have three sisters.  Made several detours in life until I wrote How to Eat Like a Child, 500 words about children and food, which was published in the New York Times Magazine, and that was when I realized I was a writer.  That article became a book, which, to my great good fortune, became a best seller.  I became a contributing editor at New York Magazine, met and married Jerome Kass (screenwriter and playwright) and then moved back to Los Angeles and lived there for many years until I moved back to my beloved Manhattan.

My husband died in 2015. We’d been married 32 years. After that life took many left turns, some perilous, some wondrous. I have written about them in my book “Left on Tenth.” I live on Tenth Street in Greenwich Village. My passion is mostly work. I am happy at my desk. I have always written in many forms—I love bouncing among them—and have written adult novels, humor, children and YA books, as well as movies, plays, and occasional magazine pieces. But I also love to cook, love to bake especially, and am extremely fond of watching television, especially tennis.

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