Navigating Friendship Can Be More Productive With a Friend in BFF by Christie Tate


My Review:

Several years ago, Christie Tate published Group, a memoir about her therapist and support group … and she is back with B.F.F. a memoir of Friendship Lost and Found. A writer experienced in diving deep into messy situations, and growing up with a difficult family life and an eating disorder, Tate is open in sharing her struggles like jealousy and resentment surrounding making and keeping friends.

In this memoir Christie pieces together how to handle female relationships and she thinks she is over the hump when it comes to therapy and learning. That is when Meredith, a group therapy acquaintance close to 20 years older calls her out on mismanagement of friendships and together they go on the journey to navigate the developing of friendships with other women as well as with each other.

I enjoy Christie Tate’s telling of her experiences and insights she has along the way. By sharing her challenges it allows the reader to take note of their own actions and expectations. A lot of fodder for discussion makes this book a great book club choice.

Christie Tate

About the Author:

Christie O. Tate is a Chicago-based writer and essayist.  Her work has been published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Pithead Chapel, McSweeney’s, Motherwell, Entropy Magazine, A Perfect Wedding,, Brain, Child and others.  Her debut memoir, Group, published in October 2020 was a Reese’s Book Club Pick and New York Times bestseller

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