Humor and Rich Family Dynamics Reside on Pineapple Street!

Pineapple Street

My Review:

Jenny Jackson’s Pineapple Street is a great place to be this summer; get lost in the riches of Brooklyn Heights and the family dynamics, sure to bring you some laughs.

The wealthy Stockton family is enmeshed in drama and author Jenny Jackson keeps us chuckling! Sister Darley gave up her inheritance to marry for love, but is that enough? Sasha, her sister in law married in to this upper class family but doesn’t feel welcome and is treated as an outsider. Youngest sister, Georgiana made a bad decision, can’t have the loving relationship she desires and must decide what she really wants out of life. Money, privilege and social status do not guarantee success or a feeling of purpose for these white, fallible Brooklyn Heights family members, and it was enjoyable to be with them as they try to work it all out.

Jackson’s storytelling is humorous and thought provoking, addressing topics like marrying someone with the same level of wealth, the necessity of prenups, how much money is enough, does the level of wealth make the man or woman, and are values surrounding money inherited. The Stockton family navigates wealth and marriage in pursuit of happiness amidst disagreements, tragedy, unbreakable family bonds and lots of humor. I enjoyed spending time with this entertaining family on Pineapple Street!

Jenny Jackson

About the Author

Jenny Jackson is a Vice President and Executive Editor at Alfred A. Knopf. A graduate of Williams College and the Columbia Publishing Course, Jenny lives in Brooklyn Heights with her family. Pineapple Street is her first novel.

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