Discover More About Yourself in SELF!SH by A Million Little Things Actress, Stephanie Szostak – Q & A Included!


Need a nudge to make the most of your life?

Author and actress Stephanie Szostak, along with the organization, Give an Hour, have created SELF!SH, a workbook that asks readers personal questions, allowing them to reflect on who they are and to consider how to more confidently live a life of joy and meaning.

The definition of Self!sh: A play on words combining “self” and “ish” to create a positive spin on the word “selfish”. It’s about taking time for yourself everyday, owning it as a good thing, and bringing more of what you cherish and value to the world and those around you. That’s Self!sh.

What are your greatest achievements? Who do you admire? How do you find and spread joy? The workbook questions you answer to create your individual playbook can be transformative; they have the potential to guide you and enhance your personal growth and development. We all can benefit from a little clarity in our lives and when asked the right questions, we may be surprised at our untapped potential. I highly recommend SELF!SH and am busy working on my personal playbook right now!

Q & A with Stephanie Szostak

Q:  I am so excited for people to dive in to SELF!SH, take a good hard look at themselves, do the work and get clarity on how to live with more intention.  What is the early response to your book and have you suggested it to therapists and professors as a tool to utilize with clients and students? 

Q:  The book really forces you to think deeply about yourself and causes you to live with more intention and appreciation.  In the book you provided a link for the VIA Institute quiz to identify character strengths and I took it along with a friend and we had a great time discussing our individual results.  Even though readers take their individual journeys to self discovery, is there opportunity for conversations with others to help generate ideas?  

Q:  So many of us have insecurities and are looking to improve our lives.  Can you tell us how Give An Hour inspired you to write something to help others and the steps you took to create this book?

Q:  I am hoping to give this book as a gift for the holidays this year.  Who do you see as the audience for SELF!SH?  

Q: Therapy is mentioned throughout the book – can you tell us a bit about your struggles that led you to get outside help and how did that therapy play a part in your journey?

Q:  How did you come up with each chapter – the 8 steps? 

Q:  It can be helpful hearing about others people’s journeys and I love how you included a variety of personal stories in the book.  Did you have everyone who contributed to the book do the work in this workbook?  Did you test it out before you published it?

Q: Can you tell us more about the organization, Give and Hour?  How can we get involved?

Q:  I loved the story about you meeting Harry Connick Jr and I wondered if he has read SELF!SH and if you ever discussed your embarrassment from that first meeting with him after the fact? 

Q:  Of course I love all your work and most recently, the tv series A Million Little Things.  Has the book helped you with your acting career and understanding your character on a deeper level?  What is next for you on the acting front and will you be writing another book?

Q:  How can we keep up with you and all that you are doing?

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