Three Quick Reads – Identity, Friendship and Choices are Examined in These Unique and Engaging Stories

Midnight Library, Apology Project, Knockout Queen

The Knockout Queen by Rufi Thorpe, The Apology Project by Jeanette Escudero and The Midnight Library by Matt Haig are very different stories with some commonalities. All three have characters that crave human connection and make certain choices that impact their lives. In The Knockout Queen the characters grapple with identity and choose to share their truths with each other. In The Apology Project, the character is desperate to fit in and chooses to connect with those from her past, while in The Midnight Library, the character is desperate to check out and examines her life choices to explore what could have been. All are quick and engaging reads that give you something to think about!

The Knockout Queen

The Knockout Queen by Rufi Thorpe

In The Knockout Queen, Bunny and Michael are unlikely friends; she is popular and lives with her wealthy dad in a big house, and he lives with his aunt in the small cottage next door. They both have secrets and are hiding their personal struggles until they choose to share with each other – all of which leads to a beautiful story of connection.

The Midnight Library

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

“It is quite a revelation to discover that the place you want to escape to is the exact same place you escaped from. That the prison wasn’t the place, but the perspective.” In The Midnight Library Nora was so unhappy in her life and before she could end it she was given the option to see how things would have turned out had she made different choices along the way. Thought provoking and wonderful discussion fodder for book groups.

the Apology Project Cover

The Apology Project by Jeanette Escudero

In The Apology Project Amelia realizes she alienated herself from everyone in her life, and after her failed 40th birthday party, one by one she chose to offer up an apology to start fresh. If we could be forgiven for all the mistakes we made throughout our lifetime, what would life be like today?


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