Exploring Soulmates, Destiny and Romance in What Might Have Been by Holly Miller

What Might Have Been

My Review:

If you are a fan of Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library, you will surely enjoy this Sliding Doors – type romantic story of Lucy as she seeks out her soulmate and determines her destiny. Lucy has some major choices to make; does she pursue her longtime love, Matt, or the intriguing, handsome photographer, Caleb. Will she work toward her dream of becoming a writer, or will she pick up and move to London with a friend…In What Might Have Been, we follow Lucy down two very different paths concurrently, experiencing the joys and sorrows of her life decisions along the way. This fast paced, thought provoking story reminds us of the power we have in our own lives and although we can’t go back in time, we have a say in our future, whatever it may be. Author Holly Miller really knows how to pull at the heart strings and make you feel what her characters feel. I love her stories and recommend this fast paced book for a quick escape!

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Holly Miller

About Author Holly Miller:

I grew up in Bedfordshire, UK, and have been a bookworm for as long as I can remember. My love of reading soon turned into a passion for writing, and from an early age I was filling notebooks and floppy disks (remember those?) with the stories I’d invented.

I moved to Norfolk in my late teens, to study creative writing at Norwich Art School (now Norwich University of the Arts). After graduating, I worked as a magazine editor, marketer and most recently, a creative copywriter. But it was writing fiction – especially books that tug at the heartstrings – that was always what I wanted to do.


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