Spilling the Tea with Book Nation by Jen


No joke, I did tragically spill a cup of tea with milk and honey onto my Macbook keyboard Friday morning and I held my breath and watched while within seconds the screen went dark!

tea spill

I screamed, I cried, I ran for the Bounty. I sent a barrage of emotionally charged texts to the Apple support bot and despite the icy roads I followed his/her/their apathetic suggestion and ventured out to meet with a Genius a few hours later. Despite all hopes and prayers, my 2 year old trusty keeper of all thoughts, ideas, work, communications and access to news and entertainment crossed the Rainbow Bridge of electronics. I am back in action with a brand new device, an exact twin of the deceased. Do yourself a favor and make time to back up your computer to a hard drive and save everything to the cloud. You will be thankful if you happen to actually spill the tea.

Book Nation Book Club Exciting News

Since Book Nation Book Club has become open to the public, we have had riveting conversations with talented authors about their incredible books. From Charlotte McConaghy, author of Once There Were Wolves, to Laurie Frankel, author of One Two Three, to Victoria Christopher Murray, co-author of The Personal Librarian, we have been encouraged to think about rewilding wolves and the environment, small town antics and what is considered normal, racism in the late 1800s and Black Americans passing as white.

Coming Up Next…

Looking ahead, I am thrilled and “honored” to be welcoming Thrity Umrigar, author of Honor (and The Space Between Us and The Secrets Between Us) to Book Nation Book Club on Thursday, March 24th 7:30pm ET. I can’t wait to talk about India, family and the cultural divide. On Wed., May 4th at 7:30pm ET I will be joined by the incredible Kate Quinn, author of The Diamond Eye, (The Alice Network, The Huntress and The Rose Code) available for pre-order now and out on March 29th. The discussion will cover a World War II heroic female sniper, based on a true story. I hope you and your book clubs will read these great stories and join us for discussion.

Honor by Thrity Umrigar
March 24th 7:30pm ET on Zoom
Diamond Eye Kate Quinn
May 4th, 7:30pm ET on Zoom

Here is How to Sign up for Book Nation Book Club…

All are welcome to attend. Just send an email to jen@booknationbookclub.com and mention which event you would like to be invited to. Once you have sent in your request, you will be on the email list to receive the link the day before. Feel free to send in your questions for the authors as well!

And in local news….

Book Nation is Partnering With the Westport Library!

On Sunday, April 10th, The Westport Library in Westport, CT will be hosting a Book Launch Brunch for Jane Green’s newest novel, her first historical fiction book, Sister Stardust, available for pre-order now and out April 5th. This event is sponsored, in part by Book Nation! Plan to join us in Westport for Sunday morning bagels and cocktails (why not?!) with Jane Green. Reserve your spot HERE.

Sister Stardust Jane Green
April 10, 11am at Westport Library


11:00AM-12:30PM: Jane Green Sister Stardust Book Launch and Brunch w/ Pop Up Bagel and a cocktail, in partnership with Book Nation (Tickets are $35)

Jane Green is the author of twenty-one novels, including eighteen New York Times bestsellers, one cookbook, and various short stories. She is published in over 25 languages and has over ten million books in print worldwide.

Green’s Sister Stardust re-imagines the life of troubled icon Talitha Getty, a transporting story from a forgotten chapter of the Swinging ’60s set to the Rolling Stones travels and travails in Marrakesh.


  1. Jen, I’m so sorry about your computer. And I just sent you a copy of my books with a special teabag. Whatever you do, don’t make the tea – not if it’s going to destroy your new computer! Seriously, thanks for the reminder to back up. I think I have, but you can never be too careful…

  2. Thanks, Gabi! It was a disaster…but with everything going on around the world I am trying to keep it all in perspective! I look forward to reading your book and drinking the tea in my travel mug with the top securely fastened!

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