Standing up to Antisemitism and Fighting Back Is Essential- Don’t Miss FOUR WINTERS…Award Winning Documentary Film by Julia Mintz

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This year I had the honor and the pleasure of working with a hometown friend, now accomplished filmmaker, Julia Mintz on what may be referred to as her passion project. For over a decade Julia conducted and compiled interviews with Jewish Partisans, the courageous people who lived in the woods of Eastern Europe, banned together and fought against the Nazis during World War 2. Many were teenagers at the time, and they were miraculously able to survive for four years outside in the elements, find food, create shelter and fight for their right to live. Julia then incorporated those conversations to create a meaningful and important film. In her newly acclaimed documentary, FOUR WINTERS, these Partisans tell riveting, inspiring true stories of survival at a time when it is needed most. With antisemitism, bigotry and hate rearing its ugly head once again, it is more important than ever to learn about history and ensure it doesn’t repeat itself.

The theatrical launch of FOUR WINTERS is now in its 12th week, after spending lots of time in NYC and LA, along with Toronto, Miami, the Berkshires, Aspen and the Hamptons. Currently it has been extended in NYC, and will soon to be opening in Beverly Hills and Palm Springs, CA as well as going international and appearing in France, Israel, Poland and back to Canada.

Winner of the “Best Documentary” at the Toronto Film Festival, winner of the “Human Rights Award” at the Hamptons Doc Fest, and the recipient of Steven Spielberg’s Jewish Story Partners Documentary Film Grant, FOUR WINTERS is in the running for the Academy Award, “Best Documentary Feature”! It will continue to be shown in theaters and at festivals across the country and I hope you make the effort to support the film and see it! Follow FOUR WINTERS on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with where you can catch it next and if you have already seen it, please let me know in the comments!

The pillow was the rifle, the walls were the trees and the sky was the roof.” – Partisan Faye Schulman. Over 25,000 Jewish resistance fighters joined underground partisan brigades in Eastern Europe, Belarus and the Ukraine during WWII. The last surviving partisans tell their stories in this spellbinding, insightful and profoundly moving documentary. 

“FOUR WINTERS reveals a stunning narrative of heroism and resilience.”
– Film at Lincoln Center, NYJFF

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