All Time Round-Up! Keeping Up with Author Guests of Book Nation Book Club!

Book Nation Book Club

What Are They Up To?

Book Nation Book Clubbers have had the amazing opportunity to engage in conversation with some incredible authors over the last several years. It all began with a small group of friends from my dance class. The Dance Express book club met in person to talk about the book and chat with the author on FaceTime! During the pandemic we mastered Zoom, opened up our author events to the pubic and became part of Book Nation. A local Facebook Group called Westport, CT Book Chat and Swap jumped into the mix and now reader friends, friends of friends, librarians, teachers and writers join us from all over the country to participate, ask questions and enjoy book discussions with guest authors! I am so thankful for all the readers who attend and I truly appreciate all the busy authors who have been willing to meet with our growing group and have been generous with their time.

Below are links to the websites of our talented author friends – several have new books out and others have wonderful projects in the works! To show appreciation to these and other authors who deserve our support, there are a few simple things we can do…

How We Can Help…

Follow them on social media

Write reviews for their books on Goodreads and Amazon

Sign up for their newsletters

Give copies of their books to friends for the holidays

Check Out Any of the Books You May Have Missed and Visit the Author Websites to See What’s New!

Fiona Davis website

Bianca Marais website

Bill Hayes website

Andrew J. Graff website

Jennifer Rosner website

Victoria Christopher Murray website

Thrity Umrigar website

Laurie Frankel website

Sara Novic website

Bonnie Garmus website

Charlotte McConaghy website

Kate Quinn website

Asha Lemmie website

Shelby Van Pelt website

Lisa Duffy website

Saumya Dave website

Catherine Adel West website

Heather Rose website

Barbara Linn Probst website

Sign Up For Book Nation Book Club

We would love for you to join us whenever we have a book discussion with an author, so sign up below! To keep up with all book reviews and recommendations, subscribe to Book Nation by Jen’s blog and follow on Social Media (it’s all free).

Please leave a comment letting us know which authors you would like Book Nation to have as guests in 2023!

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