Righting History’s Wrongs in Symphony of Secrets by Brendan Slocumb

Symphony of Secrets

A shocking discovery uncovers the truth…

I thoroughly enjoyed Brendan Slocumb’s first novel, The Violin Conspiracy and his new one, The Symphony of Secrets does not disappoint! Professor Bern Hendricks has the incredible opportunity to authenticate a newly found piece of music by his idol and musical genius, Fred Delaney. When he discovers the disappointing truth about Delaney’s music, that there may have been another contributor to the famous music, he wants to ensure that credit is given where it due.

Skillfully alternating between current day and early twentieth century, Slocumb treats us to a wonderful story of suspense with characters that force us to think about musical talent, neurodiversity, race, women’s rights and recognition. Fast moving with a mystery vibe and great character development, this book will be a hit with everyone, and especially appreciated by music lovers. I consider myself a Brendan Slocumb fan, for sure, and encourage you pick up copies of both his books!

Brendan Slocumb

About the Author

Brendan Nicholaus Slocumb was born in Yuba City, California and was raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He holds a degree in music education (with concentrations in violin and viola) from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. For more than twenty years he has been a public and private school music educator and has performed with orchestras throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. 

In his spare time, Brendan enjoys writing, exercising, collecting comic books and action figures, and performing with his rock band, Geppetto’s Wüd.

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