What I’ve Been Up To, Lessons Learned and A New Experiential Opportunity For All!

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On A Personal Note – Recently…

Book Nation has been quiet for a few weeks, due to the fact that I had some surgery and needed to take a short break. Everything went well, even though the robot supposedly being used to assist my surgeon was inoperable due to the humidity in the room so she had to perform the surgery without it (good thing she was specialized, experienced and willing to forge ahead, and I was in lala land and knew nothing about the snafu until after the fact). I am back, feeling great and moving ahead in full force… AND I learned a few important things along the way.

  1. Going down the rabbit hole of anxiety is a waste of time. Anxiety leading up to a difficult event (like surgery) is always worse that the actual event. Knowing how to self soothe, relax and recognize that those scared feelings are not serving you, and also forcing yourself to avoid googling (ALL medically related questions) can be helpful.
  2. Women are strong. Mentally and physically, we are complex and capable and can experience, endure and conquer challenges all day every day and come out of it even more mighty.
  3. Taking time off is incredibly healing and rejuvenating. Knowing you have no work deliverables, no plans to do household chores and have set aside time to nap, read and watch Netflix is a sure way to give your body and mind time to destress, daydream and reignite your passion.

On A Professional Note – A New Opportunity!

I am thrilled to announce that several months ago I became the “Resident Expert” on books at Peppermint. Peppermint is a newly launched online clubhouse for experienced adults to experience more. Members are invited to join clubs with other curious passionate individuals who share similar interests, and learn from experts. There are workshops to attend, message boards to share ideas and converse with other members, and lots of innovative and new opportunities posted all the time. I run the Book Club and am happy to talk about and recommend books to all interested members. There are many interesting clubs and experts to engage with – so far I’ve learned about choosing wines, the science of female aging, taking great photos with a cell phone and I even went on a live, virtual tour of Singapore!

Join Peppermint – It’s On Me!

Sign up today for a free week to check out what goes on at Peppermint’s Clubhouse. Here is your Guest Pass – I hope you will take advantage and sign up. Join me in the book club and then check out all that is offered. So much to explore when it comes to cooking, travel, gardening and more! You can even become a resident expert – just let me know what you have in mind and I will connect you!

Our Next Book Nation Book Club Pick is a Great One!

I loved reading about Eleanor Roosevelt and her friend and ally, Mary McLeod Bethune in this new historical fiction novel by the authors of the much loved The Personal Librarian (about J.P. Morgan’s librarian). I am looking forward to being in conversation with Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray to discuss The First Ladies on Tuesday, Sept. 12th at 8pm ET on Zoom and would love to see you there. If you would like to be on the list to receive the link, please email jen@booknationbookclub.com.

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