Mystery, History and the Radio City Rockettes in The Spectacular by Fiona Davis! Exclusive Video Interview Included!

The Spectacular

A Nostalgic, Gripping Fiona Davis Novel Based in NYC…

A singular timeline with a thriller vibe is a slight change from previous novels, but Fiona Davis upped her game with these added elements of excitement along with her special touches we know and love. Centering around a NYC landmark, in this case Radio City Music Hall, in the 1950s, The Spectacular follows Marion, a dancer pursuing a job as a NYC Rockette, her sister Judy, an office manager, and their father, Simon, a widower who’s traditional ideas of success for his daughters differs from Marion’s ambitions. Lots of excitement and interest is derived from the NYC Bomber, the search for the killer that became the first case using social profiling, the history of the Rockettes and the challenges of Parkinsons Disease, all making for an engaging, exciting and wonderful read! The Spectacular is my new favorite book by Fiona Davis and I highly recommend it!

Book Nation Book Club had a great night talking with Fiona Davis about her writing success, this new book, Parkinson’s, theatre and more.

Video recording and written Q & A below!

Q & A with Fiona Davis

Q:  What perked your interest in NYC and how did you come up with the idea to focus on landmarks?

Q:  How did you get the idea to write about Radio City? Can you tell us what the shows were like in the 1950s?

Q:  Is Marion based on anyone specific?

Q:  In the book you shared some tidbits about the Rockettes, their schedules and rituals.  How much of what you wrote about it based on truth and can you recap for us, based on your research, what it was like to be a Rockette in the 50s?

Q:  The founder of the Rockettes created a special sisterhood for these talented and independent women who were really just young girls – can you tell us about him?

Q:  Peter is a stand up guy and makes some decisions he thinks are best for both himself and Marion.  (Spoiler Alert – most people will have read the book though) Had you always planned for them to reconnect in the end or did that happen later in the process?

Q:  I didn’t know anything about the NYC bomber until The Spectacular; how did you first learn about him?

Q:  What have you read that you loved lately?

Q:  What is the next project?  Will you ever stray from NYC?

Q:  As a former actress I assume you go to theatre often – there are a lot of theatre buffs here who live close to NYC and would love to know what you recommend?

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  1. Always fascinated by “the writer’s process”, I enjoyed reading this perceptive interview for both the questions and the answers. Having grown up with Radio City Hall, I can’t wait to read Fiona Davis’ take in “The Spectacular”.

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